Writer’s Corner: Illustration Breakdown – NICHOLAS

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Since you guys seemed to like Scarlet’s illustration breakdown, I decided to post Nicholas’s! Again, these artworks are by the super talented Enrica Angiolini, my illustrator for The Prince of Prophecy series.

Creating characters is quite a process, not only for authors, but for artists too. Sometimes this task can be daunting, but luckily for me Enrica is a professional in every regard and we were able to create some really gorgeous looking characters. With the face models and written descriptions I provided, Enrica was able to bring Nicholas (as well as all of my other characters) to life.

The following is a visual sample of Nicholas’s illustration process for the cover of The Prince of Prophecy Vol. II: Cursed from start to finish. *you can click on any of the images to make them larger*


First, Enrica sketches the characters for me to make sure they look how I’d like them to look. These were Nicholas’s first sketches:


Now it’s time for the shading! During this stage I can get a good idea of what the character is going to look like when it’s finished:


Once the shading is all finished and I approve the design, Enrica colors the portrait and adds details:

Nicholas (2) Nicholas (1)

After all final adjustments are made, it’s time to see the completed portrait:


And voila! Isn’t he such a handsome villain?

If you’d like to learn more about Nicholas (and see more of his illustrations), purchase copies of The Prince of Prophecy Vol. I: Destined  and The Prince of Prophecy Vol. II: Cursed. Both books have excellent ratings on Amazon and B&N.com, and they’re great reads for anyone who likes fantasy, adventure, and fairy tales!

For new fairy tale, Prince of Prophecy, and Writer’s Corner updates every Wednesday and Saturday, follow this blog!


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