Writer’s Corner: Illustration Breakdown – SCARLET

Hello again, everyone! Today we’re talking about artwork! I unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with the gift of expressing myself through drawing, sketching, or painting, but I was lucky enough to cross paths with Eren Angiolini (my official illustrator for The Prince of Prophecy series) and she was able to really bring my characters to life through her amazing artistic talents.

I gave Eren the basic idea of what I wanted my characters to look like by providing a face model for each character and told her what sort of pose I’d like each character to be in for each specific scene. Needless to say, she did an excellent job and went above and beyond my expectations. Eren gave me some awesome early sketches of my characters when we were trying to figure out a look for them and I really wanted to share them with you all. So today we’re starting with Scarlet–he’s pretty much everyone’s favorite character so I thought it was only appropriate. *you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger*


These were Scarlet’s very first sketches

Schermata_2014-10-01_a_12.21.51 Schermata_2014-10-02_a_15.48.53 Schermata_2014-10-02_a_21.43.18

After the initial sketching is completed Eren goes back and shades the sketch as pictured below

Schermata_2014-10-14_a_15.24.58 Schermata_2014-11-13_a_11.01.39 (1)

Now it’s time to add some color…


Finally, I ask Eren to make any adjustments before the final masterpiece is complete, and (drum roll please)…


TA DAAAH! He’s all finished! And look how handsome he is!

I’ve got similar processes for Nicholas and Destan if you guys would like to see more. Please like if you enjoyed this and I’ll be sure to post more entries like this in the future. The illustration process is so much fun and super exciting for me as the author of these books, and I’m really happy to share these artworks with you (courtesy of Eren Angiolini, of course).

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