Writer’s Corner: The Importance of “Thank You”

As most of you probably know, being an author is a very solitary profession. We spend hours on end alone with our thoughts, a notebook, or a computer, and there isn’t much that makes us happier. Being a writer isn’t just a hobby or profession—it’s a way of life. Sometimes it’s comfortable and sometimes it’s lonely, and despite all the self-doubt that comes with writing, those of us who truly love it with return to it no matter what.

However, we sometimes forget that although we may be mostly solitary creatures, our success relies on people. It relies on the people who edit our books, create our beautiful cover art, and read the stories we devoted so much of our time to. Without these people, we cannot possibly hope to see our books receive the attention that we know they deserve.

So now, I just want to take the time to thank everyone who worked on and read my books. Without all of you, I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have. As I have said many times before, I started The Prince of Prophecy series to prove a point, but I finished it because of all the support I received from my friends and fans. If you guys hadn’t been there to cheer me on, I don’t think I would have even finished book 1 (Destined). Now, I’m working on getting my third book published and I’m as passionate about my work as I’ve ever been, all because I had you guys pushing me forward even when the road got a little bumpy.

These books are going to take off because I know they’re really good (if you don’t already know this, check out the FIRST and SECOND books on amazon), and once they do take off I’m not going to forget that it took a lot of people to get there. Authors (creative people in general), never forget about the people who cheered you on and believed that you could do it, because they’re a large part of the reason that you have reached, or will reach, your goals.

Give your friends, family, and fans some love for all their support every now and then. They deserve it!


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