Christmas is coming early, story lovers!

bigpreview_A Victorian Christmas Carol, Thomas Kinkade

Yes, yes, I know I missed posting all last week, but that’s just because I’ve been working on something special for you guys! That’s right! I’ve written a Christmas Prince of Prophecy short story (in the style of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”). I’ll be uploading it in three parts, the first part of which I will be uploading today (the second part will be uploaded on Saturday, and the final part will be uploaded on Christmas Eve)! This is an exclusive WordPress short story that takes place right after my first book The Prince of Prophecy Vol. I: Destined. If you haven’t read the book, don’t fret–this short story is a stand alone that everyone can enjoy!

On a slightly different note, my second book The Prince of Prophecy Vol. II: Cursed will be released in paperback and hardcover on December 27th–just in time to get your New Year’s read on! If you want to get the jump on this action packed sequel, the eBook is available for purchase right now on or B& for the unbeatable prince of $2.99!

I hope you all have a happy holiday season (no matter what holiday you celebrate), and I hope you enjoy The Prince of Prophecy’s Christmas Carol!


For new fairy tale, Prince of Prophecy, and Writer’s Corner updates every Wednesday and Saturday, follow this blog!


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