Lewis Carroll’s “Horrors”



Methought I walked a dismal place

Dim horrors all around;

The air was thick with many a face,

And black as night the ground.


I saw a monster come with speed,

Its face of grimmliest green,

On human beings used to feed,

Most dreadful to be seen.


I could not speak, I could not fly,

I fell down in that place,

I saw the monster’s horrid eye

Come leering in my face!


Amidst my scarcely-stifled groans,

Amidst my moanings deep,

I heard a voice, “Wake! Mr. Jones,

You’re screaming in your sleep!”


I hope you all enjoyed tonight’s poem–I thought it was appropriate for the time of year! The scary artwork is by Midorieyes on deviantart. If you want to see more of her work, come check out her page

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