Power Outage Blues

So, we just recently had a power outage which lasted for 11 hours–which is the longest outage I’ve ever experienced. That, coupled with the fact that I start the new semester tomorrow, has put me a little off my game this week.

The sixth and final installment in The Prince of Prophecy series is coming along splendidly (I’ve actually been working on it a lot more lately). All the action and fighting scenes are really kicking my butt, but I know it’s all going to be worth it in the end. I’m making sure this final novel goes out with a bang!

I just ordered the proof copies for the second novel in the series, The Prince of Prophecy Vol. II: Cursed. As I said in my last update, I’m going to start working with my editor and illustrator in September to get things rolling with the newest installment in the series. If you liked Destined you’re going to love Cursed–and that, my friends, is a promise!

Anyway, sorry for the delay (again), and I hope you enjoy this week’s fairy tale!


For new Prince of Prophecy and fairy tale updates every Wednesday and Saturday, follow this blog!


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