Six Days Until “TPoP: Destined’s” Paperback and Hardcover Book Launch!


I just received my very first LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number), which means the final step in the editing process is complete! I’ve submitted my final drafts for both the paperback and hardcover, and they should be approved for production by tomorrow.  After that, I’m all set for the book launch on the 29th on this month!

The paperback will be priced at $20.00 USD, and the hardcover will be priced at $30.00 USD on Amazon and various other online retailers (complete list soon to come). However, if you buy the book directly from my Nautilus Press publishing website, you can purchase the paperback for only $15.00 USD and the hardcover for $25.00 USD.

I’m also getting ready for my book launch party on the 2nd of August, which is the reason for the big poster pictured above. I’m so excited! I’m going to raffle off a book, have a few paperbacks to sell, and I’m even going to set up a laptop purchasing station where my guests can buy The Prince of Prophecy Vol. I: Destined online. All in all I think the launch party is going to be awesome! But, bottom line, I can’t wait until the book’s published–then I can finally relax!


For new fairy tale and Prince of Prophecy updates every Wednesday and Saturday, follow this blog!


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