I’m Sorry

So I found this gem on “22 common phrases people hate”. I have to say that THIS is definitely the one I despise the most:

“I apologize if I made you feel that way.”
I.e. “I refuse to take responsibility for my actions.” <—- TRUE

It’s funny how hard of a time people have apologizing in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why it’s difficult to say “I’m sorry”—it hurts one’s pride. But I’ve always felt that being able to apologize to someone and actually saying “I’m sorry for doing this or that to you, it was wrong of me” really shows how mature and responsible you are. I just think this “not apologizing” mentality is apart of our decline as decent human beings. 
Most people of the 21st century are rude, judgmental, callous, irresponsible, lazy, guarded, and severely lack chivalry and valor. What happened to us, guys? What happened to bows and curtsies? To “pleases” and “thank yous”? To “I apologize” and “I forgive you”? We were bigger people when those things matter—we were BETTER people.
Now we push and shove and yell and scream and ignore and forget to get what we want or get rid of what we don’t want. We don’t face our problems like civil people anymore because we’ve regressed. Human decency has declined with the advancements of technology. I’m not knocking technology, I love technology, but why has it made us into insensitive, self-centered a**holes?
The internet has become a place for us to say whatever we want without consequence. This is an amazing freedom, but most of us abuse that freedom by being hateful towards others. The internet allows us to communicate with people all over the world—something that was impossible to do without traveling in the not too distant past. We should celebrate this wonderful achievement by learning from people of different cultures and heritages that we can now so easily communicate with. Instead, we bash people for their differences and display ignorance in the face of diversity. We abuse and hate, knowing that we’re untouchable in our tiny worlds, with our tiny minds, cowering behind the safety of our computer screens.
The internet was created to share knowledge with the masses, but the thing it has most succeeded in is crippling our mental and emotional intelligence. It was created to bridge the divides of the world, yet there are so many who use it as a platform to spread hatred and arrogance.
You know what? We SHOULD bring the top hat back. We should bring back slacks and waistcoats and “good day” and patience and politeness and respect and manners and modesty. We should kiss hands and smile at perfect strangers and be unafraid to put our hearts out on the line. We should go outside and take a stroll and read a book beneath the shade of a tree. We should turn our cell phones off and pretend TVs and computers don’t exist for a little while. We should talk to people face to face and introduce ourselves when we see someone we’d like to get to know better. We should be ladies and gentlemen again.
The world doesn’t have to be cold and uncaring. It can be a warm and pleasant place, but we have to put in the effort. We’ve got to make this world better and it all starts with “please”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, and “I forgive you”.

It’s time to set our over-inflated prides aside and start caring again. Please share this if you agree.


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