7 Things you may not have known about Hans Christian Andersen


In honor of his birthday (April 2nd, 1805) I have gathered some really interesting facts about the late, great Hans Christian Andersen–author of such iconic tales as The Snow QueenThe Steadfast Tin Solider, and The Little Mermaid.

  1. Andersen’s stories were not immediately popular. In fact, it took nearly 10 years for him to begin receiving the recognition he deserved for his inventive fairy tales. So, aspiring authors, keep on keeping on–it may take 10 years but you’ll get there!
  2. Andersen did not like school. At all. In fact, he was quoted as saying that his days at school were “the darkest and most bitter” of his life. Jeez, Hans, tell us how you really feel, why don’t ya?
  3. HCA never married or had any children (hey, that’s okay! Neither did Jacob Grimm).
  4. HCA’s birthday is also International Children’s Book Day–I think he’d be very happy to know that.
  5. Andersen was dyslexic and though he did manage to learn how to read, he could never spell words properly.
  6. Andersen was introduced to fairy tales by his father who used to read him Arabian Nights.
  7. Andersen was a hypochondriac with a phobia of being buried alive. His fear was so intense that he who carried a note on him at all times that said “I only appear to be dead”.


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