The Talented Brothers Grimm


Recognize this? You should. These pages were apart of one of the first renditions of what we know of today as “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”. Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm’s original collection of folk tales was tilted “Kinder und Hausmärchen“,which translates to “children and household stories”Over the course of their life, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm constantly added and altered their collection of folk tales resulting in the publishing of several different “Kinder und Hausmärchen” volumes. Contrary to popular belief, the Brothers Grimm never actually wrote any of the folk tales they’ve now become famous for. They merely collected the stories from royalty and common people alike and recorded them to preserve their country’s folklore.

Wilhelm and Jacob were not the only Grimms who strove towards creativity. Pictured above are two illustrations by Ludwig Emil Grimm (one of Jacob and Wilhelm’s younger siblings).

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