Mister Barrie’s Generosity


in 1929 J.M. Barrie granted the copyright to his play and 1911 novel Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. In 2007 (70 years after Barrie’s death) Peter Pan fell under Public Domain; however, Great Ormond’s will hold the copyright to the play until 2023.

Until 2023 (and as Barrie requested) GOSH is entitled royalties from any performance of the play Peter Pan along with any subsequent derivations.

The point? Barrie must have been a truly good person to contribute in such a way to an institution responsible for the health care of others. Keep in mind that Barrie did not die until 1937, which meant that he could have still benefited from the success of his books and plays, but instead he selflessly chose to give away his crowning glory in order to help others. His generous contribution of his most famous work have no doubt helped many and saved lives.

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