Robin Hood: Quippy Thief to Legendary Hero

robin-hood-stops-a-knight (1)

Everyone has heard of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Though the stories that us 20th and 21st century kids are used to are far from legend. For instance, the character Prince John was never even mention in the original 15th century ballads (the first official records of the Robin Hood legend). Though the first “Robin Hood” ballads were produced in the 15th century, mentions of the character Robin Hood have been around since the 13th century. Not many people realize that it wasn’t until the 19th century that Robin began “stealing from the rich to give to the poor”. Though Robin was originally just a clever thief, 19th century authors decided to flesh Robin and his plight out a bit. Thus Robin Hood became the noble hero/charming thief we know and love today.

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