Frankenstein Misconceptions


  • Though many refer to Frankenstein’s monster as “Frankenstein”, no where in the book does Victor or anyone else refer to the monster as “Frankenstein”.
  • Victor is often portrayed in movies by middle aged to elderly men, but in her book, Mary Shelly eluded to Victor being a young man in his early twenties.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Victor is not a doctor. He dropped out of college in order to pursue his obsession with creating life and never received any sort of degree or certification.
  • In the original 1818 version of Mary Shelly’s claim to fame Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus, Elizabeth (Victor’s love interest in the book) was actually Victor’s biological first cousin. Later on in the 19th century when Frankenstein was republished, Elizabeth was changed from being his cousin to his adopted sister. Times had changed and cousins marrying cousins was no longer as acceptable as it used to be (but apparently pining over someone who was legally your sister was perfectly fine).
  • Frankenstein’s monster was actually far more intelligent that his early movie representations portrayed him as being. He was well read and spoke rather eloquently for something a crazed college kid put together.

Don’t believe me? Read the book! Below I’ve posted two links. The first is the link to a free e-reader version that you can download via Amazon. The second link is to a website where you can read Frankenstein online for free!

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