The Origins of “Hansel and Gretel”

ScottGustafson-HanselandGreThe story of how the folk tale Hansel and Gretel came about is both cruel and ingenious for the time. Legend has it that there was once a woman who made the best gingerbread in town and all the children would flock to her shop to buy her delicious sweets. However, there was another baker in town who was extremely jealous of the woman’s success.

Thus, to get rid of the competition, the jealous baker claimed that the gingerbread woman was actually a witch who was bewitching the town’s children with her baked goods. Everyone was very superstitious back in the day, so all the townspeople believed the jealous baker’s ridiculous claim.

The townspeople marched on the gingerbread woman’s bakery and burned her alive in her own oven, thus eliminating the jealous baker’s competition and creating the origins for the famous fairy tale.

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